Best Phone Ring Holders In 2020


Phone rings are one of the few fun ways to personalize your phone while giving you better control as you use it. It also allows you to reach your screen while reducing both finger and hand strain. Compared to pop-out phone grips, the phone ring holders give you a firmer grip on your smartphone and double as a kickstand so you can watch videos or do video chat a lot easier. When searching for the best phone ring holder, opt for something that matches the color of your mobile phone or a complementary color like a gold phone ring holder on a black case. Below are the best phone ring holders you can buy to add an extra touch to your personality.

FitFort Finger Kickstand

The FitFort Finger is that one phone ring that works with textured phone cases. Its 3M VBH is so sturdy that it can even hold up to 11 pounds. With its strength, it helps the kickstand feature remain stable while it keeps your phone in place on a table or other flat surfaces, making it an excellent choice to use even for several models of tablets, too.

Spigen Style Ring

The Spigen Style Ring is one of the comfortable hand grips that attach pretty well to any smooth phone cases. It has a D-shaped ring that gives it a little bit of extra stability while using the kickstand feature and can be rotated or angled, depending on your preferences. The adhesive of this ring that attaches to your mobile phone is something you can reuse by wetting the adhesive before reapplying the same ring to another device.

Lamicall Cell Phone Holder

The Lamicall Cell Phone Holder is quite a cheap ring holder, but not when it comes to its quality. Made with good quality, the design of this ring has a metal base that you can attach to your car phone mount. Plus, this ring is adjustable and strong enough to keep your cell phone steady on a tabletop or desk in either portrait or landscape positions.

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Lenoup Glitter Bling Bling

This diamond ring grip is a perfect way to customize your smartphone while also being practical. Outlined in sparkly crystals, this ring comes with a diamond-like crystal at the top and a crystal right in the center. The ring allows you to create a kickstand that’s perfect when you want to set your cell phone on a table and watch your favorite movie hands-free. This phone ring also rotates 360 degrees so you can comfortably hold your phone both in portrait and landscape positions.

Aduro 3-in-1

Designed with a double layer, rubberized ring, this universal phone ring grips your car’s air vent that gives you a hands-free mount. This phone ring also kicks out to stand your mobile up while you take a selfie or watch videos. Moreover, this plastic phone ring, then slipping it on your finger, gives you an excellent grip to prevent dropping your phone accidentally.

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