The Most Influential Gadgets of All Time


Smartphones are one of the gears anyone cannot live without these days. Do not forget the camera that always goes with you every vacation or the TV that serves as your portal to binge-watching and gaming. Each of these gadgets owes its influence to that one model that changed technology for good. Here are some of the world’s most influential gadgets of all time that deserve all the credits.

Apple iPhone

Apple was the first company to provide millions of people a powerful computer in the pockets when it launched the iPhone in 2007. Smartphones had existed for years, but none came as beautifully and accessible as the iPhone. Its device ushered in an era of touchscreen phones with buttons on-screen, replacing the old chunkier phones with static buttons and slide-out keyboards. Moreover, it popularized the mobile app and changed how we communicate, play, work, shop, and complete many tasks every single day.

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Sony Trinitron

Launched as color TV sales in 1968, Sony’s Trinitron stands at the fore of memorable sets, as a part of its way of merging what to that period had been three separate electron guns. Sony’s Trinitron also won a vaunted Emmy award as the first TV receiver. Over the next quarter-century, it went on to sell more than 100 million units worldwide.

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Apple Macintosh

The Macintosh was Apple’s only hope to take on IBM with its easy-to-use mouse, graphical user interface, and overall friendly appearance. Microsoft’s Windows software and high cost conspired to keep the Macintosh a perennial runner-up. However, it forever established the standard for the way human beings interact with computers.

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Sony Walkman

The first music player to combine simplicity, portability, and affordability is Sony’s Walkman. This old gadget was small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and played with much smaller cassettes. It led to the phenomena of private space in public by the isolating impact of headphones. Walkman ran using the AA batteries, which allows you to travel far away from power outlets. Eventually, Sony sold more than 200 million walkmans, which paved the way for the CD player and the iPod.

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IBM Model 5150

Imagine the computer market looks like without the IBM PC. Sure, the majority of the world had personal computers even before the 5150 was released in 1981. But with IBM’s sales pitch, it helped make this a successful product. It is even more prominent than the 5150 itself to license its operating system, DOS, to other manufacturers. That led to the beginning of IBM Compatibles, the forerunner to most non-Apple PCs out there today.

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Victrola Record Player

Victrola of Victor Talking Machine Company was made the first audio player a staple in most people’s homes. It has the sleek look of a sophisticated piece of furniture because of its amplifying horn that was hidden inside a wooden cabinet. Eventually, the company would be bought by RCA, which would go on to become a television and radio giant.

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