How To Keep Your Tablet Safe From Criminals


Relatively, tablets are new in popularity, but they are one of the items thieves want. With the average price of a tablet, it’s no surprise these devices are one of the favorite items criminals want to steal. Keep in mind that once your device is stolen, you’re unlikely to get it back again. You can prevent this by following these ways below and keep your gadget safe and protected from the criminals. You’ll never know when simple safety precautions can protect your expensive device from being stolen with everything you have on it.

Keep Your Security Code To Yourself

Some security locks require you to solve the pattern or enter a 4-digit combination to unlock the device. Never disclose your security code to anyone, especially for someone you don’t know that well. You should never give you code even to a friend who could input the 4-digit code when you’re not around and walk off with the device.

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Never Leave Your Device Unattended

Never leave your tablet unattended, whether you’re sitting in an airport, riding on a train, or waiting in a doctor’s office. Many make the mistake of using the device, put it either on their bag or on the seat, and leave it unattended, and the next thing they do, it’s already gone. Some also use it in public and put their tablet inside their bag unattended. Thieves are very resourceful, and they can sneak anything unnoticed. They can even walk away with the entire bag like it was theirs.

Avoid Using Your Tablet In Public

You may think public places are safe from thieves, especially during day time, but you’re wrong. It’s more of a striking way for criminals to get a proper vision of what you have in the first place. Criminals stay quiet, looking for the right moment to grab your tablet from your hands and run off with it. So when in public, try to avoid using your tablet, especially when you’re walking down the street, standing in line or on a train platform, or a subway car.

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Invest In A Security Lock

Using a locking device, such as an iPad rotation lock, is one of the best and easiest ways to deter a criminal from stealing your tablet. Several types of security lock are available, including the one that lets you attach a cable from your device to a stable foundation like a heavy table. Whether you’re catching up with an email at the coffee shop or the library, you can guarantee that your gadget is safe from being stolen.

Download A Locator App

But just in case your gadget is successfully stolen by theft, you can still locate the device using a locator app. Make sure you download the locator app and set it up on your tablet. Not only does it help you find the exact location of your item, but it will also make a noise and lock your device until you find it. For Android users, you can download “Find My Device” and for iPad users, you can download the “Find my iPhone” app from iTunes for free.

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