Free Maintenance Apps To Install To Keep Your Android Phone Healthy


Smartphones have become an essential gadget and a basic human need in everyday lives for most individuals. They can even be deemed as a basic human need for the digital generation. With each succeeding generation, these devices become more advanced, and many are spending more money to get the best and latest smartphone for themselves. If you’re one of those people who own the latest mobile, it’s also good if you have maintenance apps that keep your device working well throughout its lifespan. Below are the following free apps you can download to keep your Android phone healthy.

Clean Master

It is an app that helps you clean and enhances the performance of your phone. It comes with optimizing and cleaning features that prevent unnecessary apps running in the background, delete the cache and phone history, and clear the files you no longer need.


Greenify is another app that can optimize your smartphone’s battery life. It also lets you control the applications you want to run and not run to help prolong your phone’s battery life. - Consumer Electronics & Accessories products at wholesale price

All-in-One Toolbox

This app helps you free up storage space. From the name itself, it is an all-around application that gives tools needed in managing and improving your Android. Some of its features allow you to boost the speed and the performance of your phone, optimize your battery and memory, and manage your files as well as other applications.

Simple System Monitor

It is an app that allows you to monitor the systems of your device and view graphs about RAM, GPU, and CPU usage, so you can figure out what makes your phone run slow.

Norton Security and Antivirus

It is an app that protects your device from viruses and spyware. It also allows you to block unnecessary calls or spam. In case you lose your phone, this app has a lost and stolen feature that can track down your mobile’s location and even takes a Sneak Peek picture of the person who attempts to open your device. - Consumer Electronics & Accessories products at wholesale price

Droid Optimizer

This app helps you terminate apps that you are not using and lets you click a button to close all unwanted apps in the background. It also comes with a fun motivation feature that gives you rewards and funny pictures every time you clean your phone. With this app, keeping your phone healthy is fun.

DU Speed Booster

This all-in-one app helps you clean, boost, and solve slowdown issues on your Android phone. Aside from cleaner and booster features, the app has a DU swipe application that users can instantly switch between applications and system settings. Plus, it also displays your battery charging status as well as the remaining charging time. – Consumer Electronics & Accessories products at wholesale price - Consumer Electronics & Accessories products at wholesale priceSpeaking of Tablets That Can Still Do and where to buy protective cases and screen online, TVC-Mall. Is an online wholesale platform that offers comprehensive categories covering Mobile Accessories, Replacement parts and Consumer Electronics. Focusing on providing professional service for the entire shopping experience with their 24/7 online customer service. With an inventory of 100,000+ high quality products and carefully selected and updating their categories as such for popular and less-known brand models. Visit for more Best Seller, New arrivals plus Huge discounts only offered on their store page.



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